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(Japanese: ウツボット Utsubotto) is a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.



Victreebel is the only member in its evolutionary family to have visible teeth. Two sharp teeth are located at its large mouth. Its eyes are located directly under the mouth. It has two vines, one with a large leaf, and the other with a bulb at the end.

Special abilities

All Victreebel have the ability Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll increases Victreebel's Speed when the sun is out. Victreebel lure their prey in by emitting a sweet scent. When the Pokémon goes inside Victreebel's mouth, it is swallowed whole.


Victreebel is the evolved form of Weepinbell, and is the final evolutionary form of Bellsprout. Weepinbellevolves into Victreebel at any given level, by use of a Leaf Stone.


In the anime

James owned a Victreebel that evolved from a Weepinbell he previously owned. However it would constantly try to eat him whenever he used it in battle.


  • Its name may be derived from "victory" and "bell".
  • It may have been based on the Nepenthes carnivore plant family, a plant that attracts then eats bugs that shares remarkable physical similarities with this Pokémon.