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Ninetales (Japanese: キュウコン Kyuukon) is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.



Ninetales is a fox-like Pokémon that have nine tails, hence its name. Resembling the nine-tailed fox kitsune, they are mainly covered in a light, yellowish-cream-colored fur, while the tips of their nine tails are orange. On top of their head is a large tuft of hair, similar to its pre-evolved form though much more unruly.

Additionally, there are no gender differences between male and female Ninetales. The shiny version of Ninetales has silver-gray fur instead of its usual light cream fur, and its tail is tipped in blue.

Special abilities

All Ninetales have the ability Flash Fire, which powers up its Fire-type moves if it is hit by a fire-type attack. It also keeps it from getting damaged by fire attacks. This does not apply to Dream World Ninetails, who instead possess the ability Drought, creating a permanent Sunny effect for the duration of the battle or until another weather-altering move or ability is used.


Ninetales is the evolved form of Vulpix, who evolves into Ninetales by the use of a Fire Stone.