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Fearow (Japanese: オニドリル Onidoriru) is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.



Fearow is a large, mostly brown bird Pokémon with a vulturine neck and broad, powerful wings. It has a large wingspan, an elongated neck, and a thin, long beak: all characteristics being a radical departure from its short-winged, stubby-beaked pre-evolved form, Spearow.

Special abilities

Fearow uses its great wings to catch air currents and effortlessly glide over large distances for as long as a day without having to land or rest. It flies high into the sky, and swoops down at its prey. By using a combination of its neck and beak, it has a long reach, allowing it to pluck bugs from the ground or easily pluck prey from soil or water as it swoops down. If it senses danger, it avoids it if possible.


Fearow evolves from Spearow at level 20.