Ash's Room

Ash's Room.png

The bedroom of Ash Ketchum.


Ash keeps all his stuff in his bedroom.

Awards, badges and trophies


  • Orange League trophy
  • Extreme Pokémon Race trophy
  • Twinleaf Tournament trophy
  • Beauty Contest trophy


  • The Pokémon League Badge, for competing in the Indigo league.


  • Indigo League (Kanto) (8):
    • Boulder-, Cascade-, Thunder-, Marsh-, Rainbow-, Soul-, Volcano- and Earth Badge
  • Orange League (Orange Islands) (4):
    • Coral-Eye-, Sea Ruby-, Spike Shell- and Jade Star Badge
  • Johto League (Johto) (8):
    • Zephyr-, Hive-, Plain-, Fog-, Storm-, Mineral-, Glacier- and Rising Badge
  • Hoenn League (Hoenn) (8):
    • Stone-, Knuckle-, Dynamo-, Heat-, Balance-, Feather-, Mind- and Rain Badge
  • Sinnoh League (Sinnoh) (8):
    • Coal-, Forest-, Cobble-, Fen-, Relic-, Mine-, Icicle- and Beacon Badge
  • Unova League (Unova) (8):
    • Trio-, Basic-, Insect-, Bolt-, Quake-, Jet-, Freeze- and Toxic Badge
    • Symbols

Symbols (7)

    • The certificate with the:
      • Knowledge-, Guts-, Tactics-, Luck-, Spirit-, Ability- and Brave Symbol

Ribbons (1)

    • A (half) Terracotta Ribbon

Diplomas and certificates

    • The Pokémon Summer Academy diploma
    • The Squallville PokéRinger competition winners certificate


    • Two Soothe Bells, received after winning the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition
    • Focus Band, given by the Expert stonecutter


  • Rubber gloves, given by his mother
  • The Broken Poké Ball, shared with Gary
  • Misty's special lure, a gift from his friend Misty
  • A wooden model of a Teddiursa, a gift from his friend May
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