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Arcanine (Japanese: ウインディ Uindi) is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.



Arcanine is a very large, wolf-like Pokémon. The majority of its body is covered with  orange fur, which is covered with black stripes, like a tiger. Its head, face, chest, legs, and tail have a light, cream colored hair, that somewhat resembles flames. Arcanine somewhat resemble the Chinese Shisa, a traditional Ryukyuan decoration, resembling a cross between a lion and a canine, from Okinawa mythology.

Special abilities

Arcanine have the abilities Flash Fire or Intimidate. Flash Fire activates when the user is hit with a fire-type move, allowing the user to become immune to fire damage, and raise the damage on any of its fire-type attacks. Intimidate will lower an opponents attack stat by one in battle. Arcanine is one of the fastest Pokémon in the world. It is said that it can travel up to 6200 miles in one day and night. Arcanine can also carry its trainer on its back and scout the seven-seas in less than 3 days. It can learn powerful attacks likeFlare Blitz, ExtremeSpeed, and Thunder Fang.


Arcanine is the evolved form of Growlithe. It is evolved with the use of a Fire Stone.